Sunday, July 13, 2008

stickers, pipe cleaner curlies & an ipod shuffle

aka. how to kill time with a 2 year old.

first a picture of one of jonah's very first household craft projects. i picked up some cars stickers (jonah's all time favorite movie) and he helped me decorate his booster chair.

look how proud he is. "see daddy!"

i took this pic with my camera phone and sent it to daddy since he was traveling last week.

let's see? what do they have in the $1 section at target today? ah ha! pipe cleaners! that sounds like fun!

no! i couldn't possibly hold still long enough for you to get a picture mama!!! ahhh! it's torture!

boy, these things are almost as much fun as black olives.

now. how to get them off?

i decided to give myself a pedicure and then lay down and take a picture. guess who wanted his pipe cleaners back? btw, do you like my flip flop tan line?

so guess who needed to get the other camera and lay down and take a picture of his own feet. how did he even get that camera that was up on the desk? tall little monkey!

later it was time for some tuneage. check out how my shuffle is just his size... and clipped to his little pocket.

jonah was lovin' it!

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