Thursday, July 03, 2008

jonah's #1 in the #2 business

jonah did his first poopy on the potty today. hooray! now the question is: am i totally weird for taking a picture of this event? anyone who's not a parent will surely think i'm insane. but i have to tell you, i got the idea from kate from jon and kate plus 8 (the only reality television i watch).

the gosselins have eight kids: the two older girls are twins and the younger six are sextuplets, three girls, three boys. the show totally cracks me up and astounds me and makes me feel like my life as a mother is so stinkin' easy. but kate handles it all with such grace. and i love the fact that they have Bible verses sprinkled throughout the house on little notes. i have to imagine God is the only way they could keep their sanity.

so yeah, i watched an episode where the kids were potty training and when one of the boys did his first #2 on the potty kate took a picture of him and his poopy. then kate explained that although it might seem weird, this is a monumental occasion! i mean can you imagine having six kids in diapers!? jon was explaining that after they got all of the kids potty trained their weekly garbage went from two garbage cans to one. he was like "that's a lot of crap!" YEAH!

so anyway! the matter at hand is the fact that mr. jonah boy went poopy on the potty like a big boy today! and yes i took pictures. he was just so cute. we just got home from seeing shrek the third at the movie theater (love free movies this summer!) with daddy who has the day off work for a nice long 4th of july holiday weekend. jonah was standing next to me and started grabbing his diaper and grunting and saying "poo poo". so i asked him "do you want to go poopy on the potty?"

when he didn't object we marched into the bathroom and i checked to make sure it wasn't too late. then i asked him if he wanted to sit down on his potty because sometimes he gets a little freaked out by it, but he said "yeah". so i plunked his neck-ed little tooshie down on the potty and went to grab a book for him so he'd stay sitting down. and before you knew it he wanted to stand up and check and...

what do we have here? jonah's first poopy in the potty! yay!

i got the idea for the blurring out the gross poopy from jon and kate's show too. i didn't think you needed to see that. oh, and don't worry, we did convince jonah that it wasn't a cookie before it was too late. ::GAG!::

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