Friday, December 07, 2007

table of contents: illinois to texas to today

wow! i can't believe how long i've been away. here's the problem... so much has happened in the past few weeks i just don't know where to begin.

instead of getting caught up in words, here are all of the new photo galleries i've added since i've been away...

jonah's november gallery

kylee & jonah at the gurbal's house

our house with the noe's and grandma & grandpa

our community group farewell party

moving/packing day

visiting faith's tree at great grandpa arbizzani's park before we hit the road for texas

our road trip from illinois to texas including jonah's first hotel stays

jonah's newest cousin carter

making ornaments with aunt bekah, cousins katarina & carter & some new friends

and today's trip to the outlet mall with auntie leah, aunt bekah, katarina & carter. i wore flip flops... weird.

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