Tuesday, December 11, 2007

happy birthday to me

for jonah's dedication back in october of last year (2006) nana joy got our family this beautiful willow tree figure...

when i opened it after jonah's dedication, it immediately brought tears to my eyes. the figures don't even have faces, but you can just feel the love and pure wonder pouring down on that tiny baby. that's exactly how i feel when i look at jonah.

so when i saw the willow tree nativity set at a nativity show that my mom helped organize at her church i immediately told dave that i would like to start collecting that set... someday.

well guess what? "someday" has arrived! my most awesomest amazingest wonderfulest bestest friend in the whole world read my mind and got me the set for my 30th birthday!

her gift was such a wonderful "i'm sad that i'm down here in texas all alone and need some cheering up" present!

here are some pictures that i took of the set...

i especially loved the card...

notice the zero. very realistic. anyway, i like myself in pigtails and it made me feel young... so i guess it worked.

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