Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the big three-oh

well, it's finally here... the big three-oh.

today started out as one of those days where i wished i could have just stayed in bed all day. i woke up tired, cranky, pms'ing and missing my family and friends back home. we've been in texas for 3 weeks and a day and I was feeling quite homesick. and to top it all off the first thing on my agenda for the day was taking a trip to the dmv to get a new drivers license since mine expired today. oh joyous day!

while I was there I was asked by a state trooper to please step out of the way. he then proceeded to arrest someone right in front of me. you should have seen the illegal aliens scatter. now you have to say the following with a texas accent... it was like watchin' the cockroaches scatter when the lights come on. whoo daw-gie! so that at least made my errand entertaining.

p.s. i'm working on expanding my truck stop diner talk lingo so i can come up with more clever and colorful analogies.

for my birthday dinner we went out to benihana for dinner with the whole hackbarth gang. the food was delicious and jonah calmed down fairly quickly after the crazy "japanese cowboy" chef lit the table on fire right in front of us.

eyebrow check. yep, we're all good.

here are a few pictures from dinner...

the whole crew
me and my boys
dave & bekah holding the happy boys - jonah & carter

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