Monday, December 31, 2007

it's a cozy coop christmas

everybody: jingle bells! jingle bells! jingle all the way! oh what fun it is to... have a one year old in the house for Christmas!

seriously. it makes you feel like a kid again. and i'm sure it's only going to get better. as a parent, i totally comprehend the giving is more exciting than receiving concept.

jonah didn't totally get the present opening thing this year. he was pretty much more interested in the wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes than the actual gifts. oh well, it's still really fun to watch him discover.

my favorite memory from this year was watching jonah walk into the room with the tree and the gifts and discover his new cozy coop. rachael and allan had given it to us for jonah as a hand-me-down before we left for texas. (love them!) so dave and i decided we would give it to jonah for Christmas.

when daddy put jonah boy down he didn't stop, he didn't pass go, he just made a bee-line right to the car and started trying to climb in.

"no, i don't need the door! i'm just going to hop in all dukes of hazard style!"

wait, what am i blabbering on about. just watch this...

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Anonymous said...

That was the greatest movie I've seen all year!!!