Monday, December 31, 2007

pictures from christmas day 2007

this is my favorite picture from the day. the falling out of the car. that look. just perfect!
a kiss for mickey
merry Christmas, jonah! gosh, i could just eat that face. it's so cute.
ok, it's a tie. this picture and the first one are my two favorite pictures from the day. this one just says "oh glorious Christmas morning". the sunshine. the bubbles. the arms back. the smirk. what fun!
jonah loves his new magnet alphabet toy. although we haven't made it past the letter 'h' yet because he keeps pushing the button which starts the alphabet song all over again.
so much fun! thanks aunt bekah and uncle jim!
silly katarina
all of the cousins
nana and carter
papa and carter
leah and scotty-dome and [d]... self-portrait of course.
happy Christmas!

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