Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monkey on my back: a social experiment

At first I just thought this was going to be a video of some funny monkey hijinx with my kid, but after watching the video again I realized there was a deeper meaning hidden under the surface.

Sometimes life puts a "monkey on our back". At first it doesn't really bother us too much. It's kinda funny. We think it will fall off on its own. When we finally start to try to get rid of it ourselves, it's just no use. We can't reach it and all of our flailing about just wears us out.

If we would just stop and ask for help, someone from the outside with a better view of what's going on would probably be able to help us if we just let them.

Or maybe it's just a video about a crazy kid with a stuffed animal in his hood. You make the call...

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