Wednesday, November 14, 2007

4 square

i did this shoot with these four energetic kids at the end of october down at pottawatomie park. when people say "it's like herding cats"... well, you should have been there. it was crazy fun!

our first shot. i think they thought i was a little crazy... laying on the ground, but look at that tree! don'cha just love fall!

mom brought a photocopy of a picture of her mother and her siblings. i wish i had a copy to see the comparison. the kids were set up just like this. two older boys, two younger girls. i made mom make silly faces to get the kids to all look in the same direction and smile. go team!

Can you say personalities!

i totally love this shot. this captures the kids exactly how they are in "real life". notice how he's trying not to smile, but just can't help it. i know you love getting your picture taken. come on. just admit it.
now who doesn't love a good kid sandwich?!

check out that custom nail polish.

crazy. see. i told ya.

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