Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i love what i do!

i love what i do! i got to work with the most beautiful, fun and amazing couple, jenny & kenny, this weekend for their wedding! i'll have some photos up here soon.

it was so cool how i got the job. i actually met the bride's sister christina at the great day of serving this spring thru ccc. this just affirmed some advice i heard a while back... if you love to do something, do it. even if you don't get paid for it. i volunteered to shoot for the church and ended up getting this wedding (and lots of other opportunities, not to mention the experience). love it!

anyway, i had a lot of fun shooting the wedding. i can't wait to get the pictures online and see what the bride and groom think about them! i've been working on finding some software that would allow me to publish slideshows with music online. hopefully that search will be over soon.

the other project on my plate right now is that i'm trying to put together a photo book for jonah of his 1st year. i've been debating if i want to wait until after his 1st birthday party in a few weeks here, but i thought it would be fun to have one completed of his 1st year for the actual party. that and i earned a free photo book through shutterfly so i figured this would be a good excuse to use that credit. i guess i can always start his 1 year old book with pictures from his 1st birthday party, right?

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