Friday, August 31, 2007

a date with the hubs

dave and i went on a date tonight. an actual date. no baby.

i have to say it was a little bit weird.

i kept feeling like i was forgetting something. where's the diaper bag? did you pack a bottle? what do we look at while we sit in the lobby and wait for our table? why aren't strangers talking to us?

it was really, really nice. we should do this more often.

our first stop was out to buy a new computer. (can i just say a little bitty 'woo hoo' for that right here). i've been doing all of my picture stuff on our laptop, which is totally bogged down and sa-low, and some on my work laptop (naughty - i know). and i have to say i think i haven't been marketing myself and my photography biz because i'm afraid i won't be able to handle the workload on our old dumper. and our old pc... don't even talk to me about that! that thing can't even handle typing a letter let alone photo editing. i think it's about 9 years old actually. in the world of computers isn't that like an edsel or something? if you don't even know what that is that just made my example even better.

anyway we found this really sweet deal on a pc at tiger direct and since i have a wedding this weekend that would cover the whole thing we decided to jump on it. so a new computer. yeah! i can't wait to get her all set up.

after our shopping excursion we headed over to chevy's for some mexican food. we had a coupon for 50% off... who could resist. we pulled into the parking lot and what's this? the building is all dark. and huh? the sign is all painted over and by hand someone wrote 'closed'. oh! sad!

so we headed back across town to the og. yes it's true... i'm addicted to ravioli di portobello. we had a nice quiet dinner, well our table was quiet at least. somehow even without jonah we still ended up in the kids room. oh well. it was super cool to get to have a full dinner-length conversation with hubby.

thanks molly & nikki for babysitting! stick it alpaca! (in a nice way)

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