Monday, August 20, 2007

Blowin' kisses and standing

Yesterday Jonah learned a new trick... blowing kisses! It was soooo cute. He was sort of doing something close to blowing kisses at church on Sunday morning, but he had his finger in his mouth and just whipped his hand out. When we got online to video chat with Nana and Papa he actually put his whole hand (finger extended) up to his mouth and then flung it out. He did it a few times and again later upon request.

Earlier in the day Jonah was standing at the couch and managed to turn himself around so that he was facing outward and not holding on. I even called Dave into the room to check him out. Well he must have been pretty distracted by the letter 'Y' that he was holding and chewing on because he leaned forward for a few seconds so that he wasn't leaning against the couch. He probably would have gone longer, but I thought he was going to fall forward so I sort of jumped down and put my hand out in front of him. He's been more and more brave lately letting go of one thing to grab onto another. Not for too long, but long enough to not be holding onto anything for a second. He's still pretty timid about walking though. I try to hold him out in front of me and then let go and he usually sits down right away. He'll get it when he's ready. =)

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