Friday, August 24, 2007

The Night Watchman

As Dave and I headed for bed last night I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Dave came in and said, "Jonah has a guardian. You have to see this." That actually freaked me out at first and I made Dave assure me that it was a good thing I was going to see.

We both slowly tiptoed into Jonah's room, letting our eyes adjust to the darkness. As I approached Jonah's crib I could see something poking up above the bumper pad. When my eyes were finally able to decipher what I was seeing by the glow of the night light I almost fell onto the ground. I had to throw my hand over my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing so as to not wake our sweet little sleeper.

What I saw left me laughing for a good 5 minutes and still brings a huge smile to my face. Winnie the Pooh was sitting up at the center front of Jonah's crib facing out looking out toward the door over the bumper pad. Wait, that's not even the best part... Then Jonah was lying on his side with his back facing Winnie's back. It was as if Jonah sat Winnie up to keep an eye out for him. "You got my back, buddy? Alright, you take the first shift and I'll get the next one." I don't have any idea #1 how he got Winnie to sit up and #2 how he managed to face him out toward the front of the crib. All I know is I had to stumble out of the room trying not to pee my pants when I saw it. That's how funny I thought this was!

I wish I would have been able to take a picture, but I'm sure the flash would have startled Jonah and that also would have meant that Winnie wasn't doing a very good job guarding his little friend.

Jonah, you are one funny bundle!(photo is a reenactment for illustrative purposes only)

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