Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Apple Picking" at Kuipers

We went to Kuipers today for an apple picking adventure.

We discovered when we got there however that they don't allow strollers in the orchard. We weren't about to carry Jonah through the orchard (he's about 24 pounds and quite squirmy at times) and we thought if we put him in a wagon he'd probably fall out...

So we decided to go the less adventurous route and "pick apples" in the store. Oh, we still picked our apples alright... just not directly off of the trees. They had pre-made 1/2 pecks in the store, but oh no! We hand-picked a variety of apples out of bushels. So at least we can say we did technically pick apples at Kuipers today!

Jonah wanted to help hold the apples when we were putting them in the bag. Little problem... after he got ahold of that bag he wouldn't let us take it away... not even to pay for them. What a good helper!

Here are some more photos of our mini-adventure... (you can see the rest here).

Jonah and mommy (and the apples)
Jonah and daddy (and the apples)Watch out for this crazy driver! Who can spot the typo?
Jonah, you have to wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop before you get off!

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