Sunday, September 16, 2007

eternal weekends and shredded tissue

Friday night I was complaining a little that Dave was going to be gone all day on Saturday (Andrew's bachelor party) and that it was going to be just like a weekday. Boo hoo. That's when Dave pointed out a great truth to me. Maybe instead of thinking of Saturday as a weekday, I should think of all of my weekdays as weekends. I get to be home with my boy.

I am so blessed.

I had a blast with Jonah today. He is such a good kid. Well, mostly. [wink]

I had gone into the kitchen to do something (can't remember what) when I heard a thump. Nothing major. It sounded like a kleenex box. When I get back to the living room I find Jonah sitting in front of the end table. Tissue in hand. Box toppled over next to him.

So I grabbed the box before he could snag another one, but I let him keep his tissue. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that widdle face. And I knew he was just dyyying to rip it up into a million pieces. Plus he's getting pretty good at not eating everything he touches lately. And if he did that would count as fiber, right?

So I let him play with his tissue. And here's what happened...

I just love those curious little hands.

Mama's on the floor with her camera... Charge!

The aftermath.

Wow! That was fun!

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