Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome to the Hackbarth's blog!

Greetings from Sugar Grove!

I've decided to start a blog for our family. I just wanted a place to be able to record stuff that's going on in our lives... milestones, events, that kind of thing. Like for example... Jonah rolled over today! I laid him on our bed on him tummy this morning for some all-important tummy time. I walked into the bathroom to finish getting ready. A couple minutes later I heard Dave let out an excited gasp... I looked and Jonah was just rolling onto his back! What a big boy he is! 4 months old today already!

Here he is after he just woke up yesterday morning...

It was Dave's 31st birthday yesterday. What a wonderful sound to wake up to. Dave and I just laid in bed for about a half hour listening to Jonah-boy sing and coo. When we walked into his room we found him with all of his covers kicked off and one sock missing... he's a crazy kicker!

Well that's all for now!

Thanks for visiting!
Lisa, Dave and Jonah

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