Friday, February 27, 2009

more christmas pics

christmas 2008! wow. so i guess i'm a little behind on working on my personal pics, huh?

and another fun thing i learned this week is that my monitor needs serious calibrating. don't worry. i ordered a calibrator the other day. it should be here by monday. i know you were worried. i ordered some test prints from my new printer and realized my monitor is brighter and more yellow than reality, so now the perfectionist in me wants go back and color correct all of my pictures before i post them, but in keeping with my new resolution to be more real, nope i'm not gonna fix 'em. here they are... a little pale. oh well. that kid's still cute, you gotta admit. although in these christmas morning pictures it looks like we need to get him out in the sun a little bit more. =)

so can you guess what jonah's big gift was for christmas this year?!

thanks once again to our wonderful friends the noes we were able to give jonah a gently used riding device. last year was the cozy coop they gave us before we left illinois for texas. this year we busted out the big boy tricycle that's been hiding out in the garage all year. and look... his feet actually reach the pedals!

i love this picture! this was one of the test shots i ordered as an 8x10. i can't wait to find somewhere to hang it up.

this was jonah's 2nd favorite gift this christmas... a matchbox lightening mcqueen. i do believe jonah has him sleeping in bed with him tonight.

he can't even stop playing with "cars" long enough to look at the camera.

we were dog sitting my sister and brother-in-law's pooches over christmas.

"good moose... no moose! my bike!"

"thomas tracks" from grandma & grandpa. another favorite this year. i love when jonah says "henry". it sounds like "hungry".

dave's sister leah and her boyfriend scott and cousin kaleb and scott's daugher madyson came over for christmas dinner. scott made an awesome seafood lasagna. here's jonah and madyson takin' a spin around the house. it was cute. madyson was steering and pedaling, and jonah was just happy as a clam getting a free ride and thinking that he was steering.

whoo, all that bike riding and excitement made me hungry! when's dinner? i'm ready.

merry christmas, y'all!

what's the right way to spell y'all anyway? y'all or ya'll? anyway, merry merry!

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