Tuesday, February 10, 2009

seriously. how much does my kid rock? seriously.

really really serious about his music on his rad "air guitar".

mad hatter angry rock drummer face.

just playin'! i just can't be mean for too long.

rockin' out with daddy. it's a shame neither of them could ham it up even just a little, what with mama taking the pictures and all.

"oh my gosh. dada you're so funny!"

see, i know a little air guitar myself...

"so a guy walks into a bar with a duck under his arm..."

"it gets funnier every time! let me tell it again..."

wouldn't it be awesome if jonah and his little friend preston really do grow up and are in a band together. this will be their album cover. mark my words. and they'll use it in their rockumentary too.

these pics were from the rock star daddy / kid party at our church last weekend. my kid and our church have something in common... yep, they both rock.


Bridget said...

How can he not rock with a pink guitar and all those silly hats.

Rachael said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! How did you get that giant green hat to stay on Jonah's head?