Sunday, May 25, 2008

a tour of the town

i love love loved the session i did today with jason and erica! they totally gave me THE tour of austin. my only regret is that i didn't bring a notepad. as we drove around downtown they kept telling me about all of these great restaurants i have to try. they were such a fun couple. i'm really sad they're moving to houston next week.

this was another session i got from michelle, my real estate agent friend. jason and erica were her sellers and she wanted them to have some pictures to remember their 6 years in austin by.

we started at their house and got some pictures in the backyard. jason and erica did a great job with all of their landscaping. they said it was a labor of love and it shows.

erica was totally cracking up in this shot because i had them stand by this big beautiful tree in their backyard. after i told them where to put their hands it ended up kind of looking like they were posing for a picture at prom and i said so. i didn't really love "the pose" in this shot, but i just love that look on her face!

i loved this little wood pile in the backyard...

oh yeah! we're rebels! this was totally a crazy shot to get. we had to time it just right with the walk/do not walk light. luckily the street was all but empty on this memorial day weekend saturday morning. and when we darted out into the street we were lucky enough to have some other pedestrians block some oncoming turners for us. whew! i love how this shot turned out!

fun doorway we stumbled upon near where we parked off of congress

the fence in front of the capital building...

check out that squirrel in the back that we managed to get to pose for this shot

erica, you've got the greatest smile!

my signature feet shot

st. edward's university

the view of austin from st. edward's campus

this was probably the best stop of our trip. following this photo i officially became an austinite. is that what we're called? austonian? hmmm...

anyway, jason and erica treated me to a blueberry pancake at austin java that was the size of my head. no wait. it was bigger than my head. it was as big as my plate. a full size dinner plate. it was just oozing with honey cinnamon butter and blueberry goodness. i couldn't even finish it. thanks for treating me, guys! yum!

i'm totally looking you up next time i'm in houston!

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