Sunday, May 25, 2008

an actual photo shoot

after almost 6 months in austin i finally did a real live actual client photo shoot! my real estate friend michelle lee-wilder gave the gift of a portrait session with illuminate photography to her clients, ray and jill, after she sold their home. thank you, michelle! =)

oh and btw, ray and jill had so many great things to say about michelle. if you're looking for a real estate agent look her up!

so, back to the photo shoot. i had so much fun doing this session with this family! the kids were just crazy and warmed up to me really quickly. we did the shoot at their house which was really cool. i hope this gives you guys some good memories to take with you as you start a new chapter in your lives in a new city.

here are a few of my favorites. the rest will be uploaded here soon.

j & j had so much fun showing off and climbing in the trees. i loved this one i caught of the jungle boy...

j reminded me of that kid from that adam sandler movie big daddy. how adam sandler would let him call himself frankenstein and wear whatever he wanted. that was totally her personality and i love that her parents let her be herself. i could just squish her she was so cute. mom took her to a birthday party at the end of our session and she left the house wearing the dress above with shoes and rainbow striped socks. we joked about getting her a button that says "i dressed myself today".

hmmmm... i wonder what dad would look like with beautiful blond hair? see, i told ya. just crazy...
i absolutely love this shot of ray and jill! this part of the session was totally hilarious! ray and jill did a lot of work to the house. one of their big projects was putting some really beautiful tile in their master bathroom and they wanted to get some pictures of it. so i had them climb into the tub. i told them to pretend i wasn't there. and they proceeded to have a conversation about how they normally just sit in the tub and have a conversation because that is after all what they put the pretty tile in for. ha! congrats and good luck with the move, y'all!

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