Thursday, May 22, 2008

this mommy's feelin' the love

yesterday morning jonah was having a minor meltdown. i decided before it got out of hand that it was time for a nap. i put him into his bed and gave him his bink. through the whining he signed for his cup.

when i came back into the room with his cup he had calmed down. i smiled at him and held the cup out for him to take. he took his bink out of his mouth, grabbed the cup, laid back with a smile on his face and as he put the cup in his mouth... he signed "i love you".

doesn't that just make your heart melt?!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, it's a good thing Caleb couldn't speak and ask for a corvette or a million dollars the first time he signed 'I love you' to me when he was about 8 months old....I would have found a way to get those for him!! Melts my heart girl!!!! Isn't that like one of THE best feelings EVER as a mommy!?!?!?! {sigh} of happiness for you :)))