Monday, March 10, 2008

gateway photography workshop

a couple of weeks ago i attended a photography workshop with the photog team at my church. we learned about studio lighting and posing. it was really educational and it was great getting to meet some other photographers from my church.

here are a few of the "behind the scenes" shots i took...

a little powder hides the shine
our adorable little model doing a little warm-up twirling
telling us all about the play she's going to be in... Annie
seriously, we could not have had a cuter model!
you know how much i love feet!
a little tip: get the model to stick out his or her tongue or make a silly face...
...and you're sure to get a genuine smile after that.
a couple other pointers i picked up at the workshop:

  • always turn your camera off when you're taking out or putting in a memory card or battery. if your camera is on when you are swapping anything out, there is a chance that an electrical charge could by transferred which could damage your equipment, especially memory cards.
  • when changing lenses try to point your camera opening downward. this minimizes the chances that dust will get into your camera or on your sensor.
  • a couple people recommended having your camera professionally cleaned if you ever get dust on your sensor. this is one of the most sensitive parts on your camera and if you mess it up... well, let's just say it's not good.
  • i also learned that your memory card will last longer if you erase/format the card in the camera itself, and not on your computer.
cool beans!

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