Thursday, January 22, 2009

update on the illuminate relaunch

ok folks, i have some exciting stuff going on over here! i don't even know where to start. i've moved my illuminate relaunch date back to march 7th... a significant date for multiple reasons. i feel like using bullet points today so here's why march 7th is so awesome in neat and tidy bullets...

  • it's faith's 4th birthday (she was born in 2005)
  • it's the date i quit my "real job" at aramark in 2007 after we had jonah so i could stay home with him (he was 6 months old)
  • and now 2 years later (2009) it will be the date of my business's relaunch! so exciting!
wow, i'm seeing a something-exciting-happens-every-2-years on march 7th theme here.

and since i'm so into bullet points tonight we'll just continue with this theme...

i feel like i have SO much to do before my big go date in 43 days from today! but i'm feeling quite a sense of accomplishment as i looked back tonight over everything i've already done since the beginning of the year...
  • got an EIN number
  • joined the PPA
  • officially became an LLC!
  • opened business checking & savings accounts
  • got a business credit card
  • hired a CPA
  • got organized! yay! you should see my neat and tidy binder and file drawer. it almost makes me swoon with happiness.
  • handled all of my tax paperwork
  • got set up to be able to accept credit cards
  • set up a fedex account with a nice discount through the PPA
  • set up an office max account for some nice discounts, again through the PPA
  • and my big exciting news for today... i hired a graphic designer to design my logo! (which btw i looooooove! thank you brooke!) i can't wait to unveil it... soon, very soon!
things still on my to do list before 03.07.09...
  • complete & turn in my application for equipment insurance
  • complete & turn in my application for liability insurance
  • write out a business plan and a marketing plan (including client perks)
  • update my portfolio with new images
  • revamp my website with new logo and colors
  • possibly get a flashy new flash site for more wow factor
  • figure out (and this is a big one) who all of my product suppliers are going to be and what products i am going to offer
  • order samples of said products with my updated portfolio images
  • contact past clients to find out if they would like to order any of these products that i find so i could see them and photograph them
  • figure out my new package pricing and what's all included
  • figure out and order packaging, postcards, new business cards, moo stickers and other marketing materials
  • figure out an email marketing program/website to sign up with and import my client database; design exciting relaunch email newsletter thingy
  • set up website analytics
  • oh yeah... and take care of a 2 year old and not forget who i'm married to and continue with my Bible in a year reading program (which 23 days into the year i am still keeping up with - yay!) and of course all of the other fun stuff i do in my regular everyday clark kent life
i'm feeling quite ambitious. ok, well i it's 12:43am and i should probably get to bed, so i'm just going to leave you with one little sneak peek clue about my new business identity...

here goes. are you ready?

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Tammy Guthrie said...

Ok, so WOW! You are really ambitious! I love it! I am always so inspired by you. I wish that my mind worked like yours with all of your goals and to do lists! Best Wishes with your re-launch! I am just excited to get wallpaper on my blog! Can't wait to see it!!!