Sunday, January 11, 2009

let me draw you a diagram

jonah playing with his new easel from aunt leah. chalkboard on one side...

dry erase board on the other...

"here thomas, i'm drawing you a choo choo track. see!"


Autumn said...

Picture #1, I LOVE it!
#2, What a great shot! And he's left-handed.
#3, I can just hear him saying, "Choo choo!"
and #4, I don't think I would have put it together that he was drawing a track, but looking at where the train is...that's exactly what he's doing!

He is SO creative! And SO adorable! I miss having your little guy around! (And you guys too, of course!)

Lisa @ said...

Thanks Autumn! We all miss you like crazy too! Yeah, Grandpa would be pretty happy if Jonah turns out to be left handed, but he's still pretty ambidextrous. I think right now it's whichever hand is closest to the marker or doesn't already have a choo choo in it. =)