Friday, August 22, 2008

i'm hopelessly in love with two men

my amazing husband and this little guy...

i am just so intoxicated with this kid. do all parents feel this way? does God feel this way about me?

jonah's favorite friend... we-me

sometimes he's just gotta drink!

this is what curiosity looks like

making an airplane noise i think

1 couch + 1 ottoman + 1 blanket = the coolest fort EVER!

"peek-pooh" (that's peek-a-boo)

hey! i just discovered it's just as much fun to climb on the fort to make it collapse as it is to play inside.

love those curlies...

i just love his reflection in this one

size 6 1/2. how do you stop them from growing?

my sweet sweet baby boy... who's becoming less and less "baby" by the day

and now it's time for a nap.

see the rest of the pics from today here.

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