Wednesday, August 27, 2008


after almost a whole year, jonah has discovered a new love for his george slippers (that just barely fit him anymore... oh and did i mention it's 95 degrees outside?) they were a 1st birthday present from aunt rachey. his feet were so hot yesterday, but he just refused to take them off. even at bed time he found one and took it to bed with him and was asking me to put it on him as i was putting his blanket on him.

here's george going all godzilla on an "orbital bomber" (per daddy)...

here's jonah's actual george that we got him for his 1st birthday. (oh my gosh! if you click on that link, check out how little and chubby and hairless jonah is!) george was the inspiration for his 1st birthday party theme.

george, meet george. hello george. hello. nice to meet you, george. nice to meet you, george.

ahhh! that's my head!

they all fall down...

oh, to have this sense of humor...

hangin' with his pal, chicago bear.

grandma's versatile gift... is it a cloth book or a cape? you decide.

jonah's new favorite game... table golf whiffle pool.

jonah, how did you get up that high anyway?

so there you go. a day in the life of the george slippers.

thanks again everyone for the great gifts! we still love them!

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