Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brookfield Zoo Trip

We took a day trip to (mommy's favorite) Brookfield Zoo on Sunday. After a long cold winter, Sunday's sunny 60 degree weather provided a welcome opportunity to venture outside - Jonah's first real time outdoors (other than running from car to building and vice versa) since his first few days home!

We saw...

...oh my! As well as lots of other animals. The animals must have been enjoying the nice weather too - a lot of them were up and about which was fun. I don't think Jonah really understood what we were looking at, but we had a great time nevertheless. And when we went to visit the wolves Jonah got out of his stroller and was kicking his feet around excitedly as you can see in this video...

Our biggest adventure for the day was lunch... Dave almost got beaked by a goose! (the one on the right in the lunch picnic pictures - doesn't he look vicious?) Dave was the family hero - he scared the geese away by using a little animal psychology.

See the rest of the pictures here.

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