Sunday, March 01, 2009

session photo book

i just finished working on a photo book for one of my very favorite clients. stephanie had me come over and photograph her and her mom and her two beautiful daughters before they went to see the nutcracker ballet for christmas. boy, i'm really catching up on the jobs this week! it feels good!

here are just a few of the page layouts in her 7x7 book. you can check out the rest of the book here.

i so love designing photo books! now i've got to start working on my next photo book project putting together a sample book using this awesome family's pics from their fall session 'cause guess what?! photo books are part of my new packages... which will be officially rolling out next week! so i figure i better have a few samples, right?

i'm getting excited! and also feeling a little pressed... in a good way! i work so much better and more efficiently with a deadline. and i can't wait to roll out all of my new changes coming up! i just tweaked my plans a little bit on the new website design. it's gonna be awesome! and less expensive. and less work. win. win. win. oh yeah, i'm a happy camper.


Jen said...

I love it! I am praying for your hubby- that he gets a great job.

Lisa @ said...

Thanks Jen! =)